Fee Assistance Appeal

Meals on Wheels SA has been serving the SA community since 1954.

During this time, we have delivered over 50 Million meals to those in need, people who are not able to shop or cook for themselves.

Our work has been funded via Commonwealth and State government grants as well as customer contributions.

We are able to keep our costs low due to the hard work and goodwill of our 7,000 volunteers.

There are people in our communities however who sometimes struggle to pay for the full customer contribution or for whatever reason are deemed ineligible for the government subsidies.

Rather than see people go hungry, Meals on Wheels SA have created a Fee Support Process that assists people with special circumstances who might need some extra help to keep them well nourished, safe and well.

Where would my donation be used?

Donations are also used to provide special services for those who sometimes struggle to pay for their regular meals. 

All donations to Meals on Wheels are tax deductible and a receipt will be sent to you ASAP, or at the end of the financial year.