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Privacy Policy

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Student Volunteers

We have a student volunteering program to help develop our youth and foster our future volunteers! Read more

Corporate Volunteers

Corporate volunteering is beneficial for both you and us. Read more

Express Interest

Express your interest in Meals on Wheels. Read more

Frozen Meals

We also offer frozen meals for your convenience. Read more

Special Diets

We provide simple solutions for those with special dietary needs. Read more

Our Meals

We deliver 4,000 nourishing three course meals to South Australians everyday. Read more

Our Story

We are an innovative organisation with a proud history. Read more

1,000,000 Meals

We deliver 1,000,000 meals to South Australians every year. Read more

Wellbeing Check

Our deliverers provide a wellbeing check on each delivery. Read more

Fresh Meals

Our fresh cook kitchens cook and deliver warm meals to customers daily. Read more

Refer Someone

Anyone can refer an individual to Meals on Wheels - from family members to healthcare professionals. Read more

Volunteer Roles

There are a range of roles occupied at each branch, learn more about them. Read more

A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

Adelady goes on a delivery run! Read more