26th March, 2020                                                                                                           South Australia

To our Customers, Carers & Families,                    

This letter explains some further changes we are making to your Meals on Wheels (SA) service as we manage the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are taking additional precautions to ensure that our service to you can continue.  We are following advice from the health authorities, recognising that older people may be more at risk.

All volunteers and staff are following our standard food safety procedures, good hand hygiene, and as an extra precaution are using hand sanitising gel between each home they visit. 

We are now implementing extra physical distancing measures when delivering your meals.

You can help by placing a small table or chair just outside of your door.  Our volunteers will come to your home, knock on the door, and once you answer, will deliver the meal outside your door.  They will talk with you and check that you are ok, but will not open the door or come inside.  If you cannot easily get to the door to receive your meal we will make arrangements to ensure that your meal can be safely delivered.

In the coming weeks, we may also need to reduce the number of times we visit you each week to limit the spread of the coronavirus. For most people, we will deliver a batch of frozen meals to your home, once or twice a week.  We plan to keep in contact with you by calling you on the days when we would normally deliver a meal.  We will make special arrangements if you cannot reheat your meal, or do not have a freezer.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we are managing the coronavirus, please ring our Adelaide office on 82718700 during business hours.

If you would like further factual advice about the coronavirus you can contact the 24-hour National Coronavirus Health Information Line on1800 020 080 or visit the Department of Health website:


During this public health emergency we are doing all we can to protect our Meals on Wheels community and are asking for your support.


Sharyn Broer

Chief Executive Officer