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More than just a meal, delivered with a friendly smile!                

When we say more than just a meal, we really do mean it:                                                                                                            

Our modest meal charge includes:

  • A nourishing three course meal,
  • Delivered to the door by friendly volunteers,
  • With a choice of main course in many areas. 

Plus, at no extra fee or charge, you will receive:

  • A friendly smile and vital social contact each delivery occasion.
  • A check that our customers are "safe & well".
  • A process of follow up support and communication, should it be needed.
  • Assistance for our customers to remain connected with their community, independent in their own 'space & place'. 
  • And of course peace of mind all round.

Some customers and families, talk about the Meals on Wheels service...

Tell me more about your delivered meals service...

Meals on Wheels SA offers meals for up to 7 days a week, across a wide range of South Australia.

Each weekday, friendly volunteers home deliver delicious, hot and nourishing three course meals with a smile!

For weekends, public holidays and on days when you might need to be away, you can arrange for some delicious meals to be delivered in advance, ready to just heat and serve.

Our meals are diabetic friendly and we can also provide "special meals" such as; gluten free, pureed meals for issues with swallowing, high energy/high protein & low potassium meals and so on..

Click on this link to view a simple brochure that provides more details.. CLICK HERE

Its a small file so should not take too long to download. Or, Click the photo below for a larger size copy. Or, Call us if you would like us to send you a printed copy.

What sort of meals do you deliver?  Here's a "snapshot" from our brochure above...

Here's some more general information on the range of main meals we can offer, over the course of a month for example...Click Here

Who can get Meals on Wheels?

Our meal service caters for people with a wide variety of support needs, not just meals for seniors. Simply, if people are unable to prepare a meal or shop for themselves with ease, we can provide a solution.

You, or someone you know, may be; in their senior years, recovering after hospitalisation, a major illness or surgery, a person with a disability, a carer, or needing assistance due to a special circumstance.

How can I arrange a Meals on Wheels service?

We want to make it as easy as possible.

All you have to do is make a free call to Meals on Wheels on 1800 854 453 and we will help guide you through setting up a Meals on Wheels service.

Those wanting to arrange a meals service subsidised by the Commonwealth Home Support Program, need to be registered with MyAgedCare.

To try and keep this as simple as possible for you, Meals on Wheels can assist you in setting this up.

Or, you can also go direct to or call 1800200422

Traditionally referrals can come from anywhere, including; family members, friends and even by referring yourself! Formal referrals are also happily accepted from general practitioners, heath care professionals, community care providers or your local council. Meals on Wheels still has no contracts or waiting lists!

The only thing that has changed is the need to go through the MyAgedCare, for subsidised meals.

No means test as eligibility is based on need, no contracts and no waiting lists.

It’s that simple.

What is the cost?

Please give us a call to find out the right cost for you.

Prices do vary according to Commonwealth or State subsidy and other variables such as getting meals as part of a home care package.

And of course there is the option of dealing direct with Meals on Wheels if you would prefer to have a private arrangement.

We will be delighted to discuss the value of our nourishing three course meals, delivered to your door, with a friendly smile and a check that our customers are "safe & well".

How do I get started?

If you already have a Client Record established, have a client number or need some help in obtaining these, please give Meals on Wheels a Call on 1800 854 453 and  we can assist you.

Or, complete an online General Enquiry Form, and one of our team will call back and discuss your needs.

If you are ready to order Meals on Wheels home delivered meals now then click for our Order Form

The Meals on Wheels service is supported by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit the Department of Social Services website ( for more information”. Although funding for this Meals on Wheels service has been provided by the Australian Government, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government.

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