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Eating well is important to people staying healthy and independent as there's a lot of evidence to show that eating well and regularly is a great way to prevent health issues.

The nourishing meal that is delivered with a smile by friendly Meals on Wheels volunteers, right to you your door consists of; a soup, main course and dessert.

The meal provides what is regarded by nutritional experts as a little over a third (1/3) of daily nutrition and energy requirements. So it's important to remember that other meals and snacks are eaten as well, during the normal day.

We appreciate that some people like to use the Meals on Wheels meal as a "base" for their daily requirements.

That's fine providing you supplement with other things to make sure that you get your full daily needs.

It is suggested that people seek specialist advice on a diet and nutrition plan that best suits you and your needs.

Seeking personal advice from a healthcare professional such as a doctor or nutritionist is a great step to keeping healthy and preventing health issues. 

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