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Meals on Wheels (SA) Inc. was established in South Australia through the vision of Doris Taylor MBE, in 1953.
This iconic service is now a vital part of life for thousands of South Australians. Similar organisations operate across Australia and in other countries.
There’s a wealth of information on this website about Meals on Wheels and its history, and you can contact us at and we would be happy to assist you with more.
Here’s some basic facts and contact details to assist you in putting together a story:

  • Whilst the majority of our clients are older people with 70% over 80 years, we offer our services to those who cannot shop or cook for themselves with ease. Post operative, family crisis, disability and carers wanting a break, are all examples of others we provide for.
  • Work in our branches with kitchens, starts around 7 am each weekday.
  • Clients receive a delicious, nourishing, hot/frozen, three-course meal, delivered between 11.15 am and 1.30 pm each weekday. The frozen meals can be ordered for weekends, etc.
  • Almost everyone at Meals on Wheels is a volunteer and there are about 8,000 of us!
  • Meals on Wheels has around 88 operational branches throughout the State.
  • Each day some 4300 customers  recieve a knock on the door from a pair of friendly volunteers, who greet our clients with a friendly smile and noursishing meal and a check to see that the resident is "safe & well". During a year, some 9000 customers across South Australia are in touch with MoWSA.
  • More than two-thirds of meals are produced at our branches with kitchens, some 20% come from locally based branches at Country Hospitals in the regional areas.
  • These branch based kitchens are all run entirely by volunteers.
  • The balance of our meals are produced at our professional kitchen facility at Kent Town.
  • Our service is the only one of its kind and could not exist without our dedicated army of volunteers.

Here's a copy of our latest "Media Fast Facts" which may provide added information for you.

For any media comment, contact:

  • Chief Executive Officer - Sharyn Broer on (08) 8271 8700,
  • Senior Coordinator Workforce Engagement on (08) 8273 1323

You can arrange access to one of our branch based kitchens, taking the times above into account, if you need to obtain interviews and vision. Please call us first of course.


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