Simple answers to questions about Meals on Wheels and what we do...

Q When & why did it start?

Meals on Wheels SA started almost 60 years ago with a simple promise... provide a hot, delivered meal in the middle of the day to those in the community who cannot easily shop or cook for themselves, but are happy to make a modest contribution to the cost.

Q What does Meals on Wheels offer?

Meals on Wheels SA offers meals for up to 7 days a week, for eligible people in South Australia. Each weekday friendly volunteers home deliver a delicious, hot, nutritious three course meal with a smile! For weekends, public holidays and on days when people need to be away, we can arrange for some delicious meals to be delivered in advance, ready to heat and serve!

Q Who is Meals on Wheels for?

People who may be in their senior years, or anyone recovering after hospitalisation, major illness or surgery, a person with a disability, a carer, or needing assistance due to a special circumstance. Meals on Wheels service caters for people with a wide variety of support needs, not just meals for seniors. If people in these circumstances need support as they are unable to prepare a meal or shop for themselves with ease, we can provide a solution.

Q How do people arrange a Meals on Wheels service?

Referrals can come from anywhere, including; family members, friends and even by referring yourself! We want to make it as easy as possible. Formal referrals are also happily accepted from general practitioners, heath care professionals, community care providers or your local council.

Q Why is Meals on Wheels so simple!

No means test as eligibility is based on need – no contracts and no waiting list!

Q How do I get started?

Freecall us now on 1800 854 453 or complete our online form. One of our team will call back and discuss your needs.


Meals on Wheels is supported by limited funding from the Australian Government under the Commonwealth HACC Program

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