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Join the Great Team Involved In Corporate Volunteering With Meals on Wheels...

Great for the customers, your people and your brand!

Independent research shows that consumers have an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards corporate volunteering. Corporate volunteering conveys a socially responsible image to consumers. Corporate volunteering improves loyalty towards the firm involved, and affects consumer purchase and word-of-mouth intentions. And importantly, promoting corporate volunteering activities will not have a negative impact on the organisation, the reverse is the case.

Meals on Wheels SA has the ideal model and program for organisations to get involved in corporate volunteering and we would be delighted to work with your organisation for a mutually positive experience that benefits our brands, the community and your people.

There are many options and we welcome your enquiry to or call us on 8271 8101.


What is a Corporate Volunteer?
Corporate volunteers are paid employees of a company, who with the support and encouragement of their employers, are involved in some form of community based volunteer activities.

What are the benefits to the Employer?
Corporate volunteering is one of the most effective forms of corporate social responsibility, involving the contribution to a community group of time, energy, skills and resources.
Being socially responsible creates goodwill, increased company pride, and portrays a more positive corporate image. Socially responsible companies report an increase in employee commitment, performance and job satisfaction.


What are the benefits to the Employee?
Staff members receive many benefits from corporate volunteering, ranging from:

  • A sense of personal satisfaction and fulfilment,
  • New skill development opportunities,
  • The ability to interact with people from other areas within the organisation, and
  • The opportunity to meet new people and explore new situations and challenges.


Corporate Volunteering with Meals on Wheels
Corporate Volunteers can participate for one or more days at any of our branches, either as individuals or in pairs. The Hours are usually from 7:00am—1:00pm any weekday Monday-Friday, and will involve:

  • 7am – 11am – working with kitchen teams to help prepare a nutritious 3 course lunch of soup/main/dessert.
  • 11am-1pm - accompany a delivery team to deliver approximately 25 meals to clients in their homes.

No cooking experience is necessary, on-the-job training is provided, and of course a morning tea of scones will be provided for which Meals on Wheels are famous for!


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How to arrange a Corporate volunteering partnership…
Please fill in the Corporate Volunteering Agreement Form available via the link below and we will contact you regarding your placement at a branch.

Please note that we need two weeks to process your request as we need to ensure there is a kitchen supervisor on duty for the day of your placement.

Corporate Volunteering form





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