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Meals on Wheels Hindmarsh branch kitchen back and busy

The Meals on Wheels Hindmarsh branch kitchen is back in operation after a deep industrial clean satisfied SA Health requirements.

Staff and volunteers, including some new faces lending a hand, are busy delivering meals to those in need across the local community.

“We’ve had several people contact us to help out during lockdown so we can continue deliver meals to our Hindmarsh branch customers,” Meals on Wheels SA CEO Sharyn Broer said.

“While some of our staff and volunteers were in quarantine, it’s been great to see people put up their hand to help out. The community spirit is alive and well.

“This allowed us to continue to provide a nutritious meal to anyone in need.”

The branch was closed on Tuesday after an employee, who worked in the kitchen on Monday 19th of July, tested positive for COVID-19. Other staff and volunteers present during his shift were also asked to get tested and quarantine.

Following a full clean on Tuesday the 20th of July, the branch kitchen resumed its service on Thursday the 22nd of July.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Meals on Wheels SA at https://www.mealsonwheelssa.org.au/support-us/volunteer

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