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Food that’s
interesting dishes
Fresh and
A small celebration with
a real meal
Food that’s fabulous,
enticing, and exciting
A magic moment
in everyone’s day

The Power of Meaningful Customer–Volunteer Connection

Meals on Wheels South Australia (MoWSA) has partnered with Huber Social to measure the social impact of our service for our customers and volunteers. It helped us understand the benefits of the MoWSA model beyond nutrition. The project aimed to gather evidence that MoWSA has real impact on people’s lives beyond basic meal delivery. We now better understand how we can make sure that our service is as effective as possible and designed to have the most positive impact.

A comprehensive wellbeing survey was sent to a random sample of customers and volunteers. The 744 customer and 792 volunteer responses were evaluated to understand the role MoWSA plays in improving quality of life and social connection. Results confirmed the positive social value of the MoWSA model for both customers and volunteers. They highlighted in particular the importance of the relationship between customers and volunteers.

Read the full report here.

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