Celebrating food daily.
Food that’s fabulous.
Imaginative interesting dishes.
Fresh and flavoursome.
A small celebration with
a real meal.
Food that’s fabulous, enticing, and exciting.
A magic moment in everyone’s day.
Keeping the community safe

A selection from our Menu *

*accompaniments and garnishes for illustrative purposes only

We believe there should be a magic moment in everyone's day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I would like to provide some feedback to Meals on Wheels?

We are always happy to handle compliments, complaints or suggestions.

Ring our free call 1800 854 453 number and you will be directed to the most appropriate person to discuss your query.

Where do the meals come from?

Our meals are produced through our network of kitchens run by volunteers or a local provider such as a hospital. Special meals for special diets are produced at our Hilton facility and are sent to branches where they are delivered by volunteers.

How do I make a referral?

A simple call can be made to our Free call 1800 854 453 number, where one of our staff can assist you over the phone.

You can also fax in your details to 8490 2309 or speak to your doctor, community health nurse or other health professional who can help you with the process.

How soon can a Meals on Wheels service be provided?

Once a referral to our service has been received, a representative from Meals on Wheels arranges a visit to the new client, in their own home, usually the following day.


What people are saying

Janet F
I had Meals on Wheels once after I came out of a long stay in Hospital. The meals were so nice, and yes they made the peach cake and custard which was one of my favorites, and the chocolate cake and chocolate custard as well. Was so nice to have ready made meals cooked for you when you couldn't do anything yourself. A wonderful organization.
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Jo A
I love Meals on Wheels!
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Eveylyn W
Wonderful volunteers who bring sunshine to those in need of their support. Well done team MoW
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Julie F W
Thank you love my gluten free vegetarian frozen meals.
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Kay C
They were absolutely DELICIOUS YUMMM !
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Belinda S
Thankyou so much, you are so appreciated
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Ella M
Looks lovely. Very colourful , presented lovely and looks very yummy.
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Craig J
Lovely Meals, lovely friendly volunteers
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