food daily
Food that’s
interesting dishes
Fresh and
A small celebration with
a real meal
Food that’s fabulous,
enticing, and exciting
A magic moment
in everyone’s day

1,000,000 Meals

Every weekday, volunteers from our 84 branches across the state arrive early in the morning, ready to either cook or deliver meals to thousands of people in need. It is incredible the number of individuals in our community willing to give up their time and volunteer.

Here are what some of our volunteers have to say about volunteering:

“The world is changing a rapid pace and in all kinds of ways, but our community will always need people to put up their hand and say, ‘how can I help?’.”

– Will M, Mitcham Branch

“I am in awe of the generosity of people that give of their time to volunteer”.

– Barney W, Henley Grange Branch

“I just love my delivery days as I can see our customers for a little while and take a meal and a smile to them.”

– Julie W, Prospect Branch

“I became a Volunteer after retiring from full time work nearly three years ago. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I find being a Volunteer gives me a great deal of pleasure.”

– Julie P, Modbury Branch

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