food daily
Food that’s
interesting dishes
Fresh and
A small celebration with
a real meal
Food that’s fabulous,
enticing, and exciting
A magic moment
in everyone’s day

Our Story

We are an innovative organisation with a proud history. Meals on Wheels SA was founded in 1954 by Doris Taylor MBE. Since then, we have delivered over 50 million meals to South Australians.

What We Believe:

We believe there should be a magic moment in everyone’s day. A small celebration of some of the good things our world has to offer. A real meal; something to look forward to and revel in. Not just food for fuel. Or purely necessary nutrition. No. Food that’s fabulous. Enticing, exciting food. Fresh and flavoursome. Imaginative, interesting dishes garnered from all corners of the world. Food that looks alluring. Food that exceeds the anticipation. Wow. And brought to your home. This is Meals on Wheels. You heard right; Meals on Wheels. We get it. You can too. Meals on Wheels. Celebrating food daily. Really.

Our Vision:

Well-nourished and independent communities.

Our Purpose:

Meals on Wheels SA provides support to members of the community to live independently.

Our support enhances lifestyles through:

In providing these services through our volunteer workforce, we strengthen communities.

A real meal; something to look forward to and revel in.

Our Values

To meet our purpose and achieve our vision, we have adopted these values…


MoWSA cares about the people we assist, work and engage with, to support where appropriate and respond where required.


MoWSA will show courtesy, consideration and regard for the people we engage with in undertaking our work.


MoWSA has a focus on reliably doing the right thing, to achieve positive and effective outcomes.


MoWSA will accomplish our goals by working together with others and where appropriate, drawing on shared experience and understanding.


MoWSA strives to act and work in ways which give cause for hope, confidence and success amongst those we interact with.

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