food daily
Food that’s
interesting dishes
Fresh and
A small celebration with
a real meal
Food that’s fabulous,
enticing, and exciting
A magic moment
in everyone’s day

Food and music.

American author, guest speaker and sometime actor Fran Lebowitz, in a recent interview, made the comment that two of the most important things in her life were food and music.

It’s true that good food and good music can inspire, sustain us and feed our senses, even provide us with a lifetime of delicious memories, pun intended.

To set the record straight, this is not a musical masterclass nor a cooking class. No recipes, secret ingredients, handy cooking tips or celebrity chefs. Having said that, it is about food and the celebration of it.

Here’s what we believe.

Food should make you feel good and keep you healthy. There’s plenty of evidence to prove a good healthy diet is beneficial to overall health, especially in your senior years.

Modesty aside, not only is our food good for you, but it tastes ‘yummo’.

Nutritional and tasty, impossible you say? Not in our book of over 120 recipes. More, there’s a range of soups and desserts to top and tail a wonderful meal.

You’ll find plenty to get your taste buds singing, which brings us back to the topic; food and music.

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