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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to handle compliments, complaints or suggestions.

Ring our free call 1800 854 453 number and you will be directed to the most appropriate person to discuss your query.

The Meals on Wheels three-course meal accounts for a little over a third of an older person’s nutritional and energy requirements.

We do recommend that clients try eating the full meal when it is delivered hot.

However, we also understand that some days you may not feel like this all at once, so perhaps the dessert could be eaten later in the day e.g. for afternoon tea?

Meals on Wheels does not suggest splitting the meal, but if it is done at anytime, we recommend supplementing the meal by having other food e.g. a toasted sandwich with the soup, a bread roll with the main course, or any of the other meals as suggested by our ‘Healthy Eating Guide’ provided at your initial meeting.

Meals on Wheels must ensure that the meal is delivered safely and within health regulation time frames set by Health SA.

Our “More than just a meal” motto also has our deliverers ensuring that you are alright through a personal contact.

If you know in advance that you will not be home at the time of your meal delivery on a certain day, you could arrange with a neighbour to take delivery perhaps or you may pre-order a frozen meal in advance, to be delivered the day before!

The local Branch needs 24 hours’ notice to cancel your meal if you are not going to be home to receive it.

If your local Branch is not attended at the time you need to call and advise us of a change, you can make a Free call to 1800 854 453.

We will not charge for a meal if you let the Branch know in advance.

Our dedicated volunteers! Those who give freely of their time, skills and resources enables Meals on Wheels to offer such a value packed service.

For the safety of our volunteers, convenience for our customers and security of transaction; direct debit is the preferred method of payment.

Most of our customers pay for their meals in this way.

If you have any specific need or financial questions, our Finance Department will be happy to discuss them with you.

Meals on Wheels preferred method of payment is usually by direct debit. This helps keep costs down and saves our volunteers from having to handle cash on their deliverers.

When we come to arrange meals, we will provide all the necessary information to enable this to take place.

Bank details are kept strictly confidential.

Yes, we do provide texture modified meals and a referral from a speech pathologist or a doctor is necessary for these meal varieties.

Meals on Wheels can provide a selection of special diets for those with an identified medical need and have a referral from a doctor, speech pathologist or appropriate healthcare professional. Depending on availability, special diets may take a few days to arrange with the local Branch.

Meals on Wheels volunteer-based system finds it difficult to cater for every personal like or dislike in taste, but you should discuss these matters with us so that we are aware.

We do have the ability to provide not only our regular meals on a rotating basis form an extensive menu to ensure variety, but also special meals for special diets or needs such as: texture modified, high energy/high protein, vegetarian, gluten free and low potassium.

Meals on Wheels provides a sound base for daily nutrition. We recognise that people have special and individual needs and circumstances and we would encourage our clients to have a plan to make sure they don’t lack the energy for living happily and better.

We have a range of leaflets such as our Healthy Eating booklet, which can provide you with other hints and tips for easy to prepare meals. You can discuss your individual situation with us when we visit; as there may be other options that we can suggest.

We also offer the option of fresh cooked meals which are specially frozen and can be delivered to you for weekends and holidays.

No – it is entirely the choice of our customer. There are no minimum requirements.

Meals on Wheels can be a seven-day service if needed. Monday to Friday we provide a hot lunchtime meal to people who are unable to cook or shop for themselves. Meals on Wheels offers the option of fresh cooked meals which are specially frozen and can be delivered to you for weekends and holidays.

Sure! We have no minimum time period, as we understand our service might only be needed for a few weeks to give people a chance to recover and get back on their feet. We will review your service needs with you regularly.

Our meals are produced through our network of kitchens run by volunteers or a local provider, such as a hospital. Special meals for special diets are produced at our Hilton facility and are sent to branches where they are delivered by volunteers.

A simple call can be made to our Free call 1800 854 453 number, where one of our staff can assist you over the phone. You can also fax in your details to 8490 2309 or speak to your doctor, community health nurse or other health professional who can help you with the process.

If you live in regional SA our staff will be able to assist you with local information.

Once a referral to our service has been received, a representative from Meals on Wheels arranges a visit to the new customer, in their own home, usually the following day.

Once it is agreed that the service will be valuable and the paperwork has been completed, the service can usually start the following day.

A simple call can be made to our Central Office on Free call 1800 854 453 where one of our staff can assist you over the phone.

Referrals can come from anywhere, including; family members, friends and even by referring yourself!
Formal referrals are also happily accepted from general practitioners, heath care professionals, community care providers or your local council.

If you live in regional SA, our staff will be able to assist you with local information and direct you to your local service.

Anybody who has difficulty with shopping or cooking for themselves with ease, is eligible. The service is provided to older people, people with a disability, people recovering from surgery and of course, carers. The service is not means tested, is based on need and there are no waiting lists!

No, Meals on Wheels is an independent community-based volunteer organisation, incorporated in SA with oversight by a volunteer Board. The cost of meals is primarily covered by our modest charges, the balance comes from Government grants, public donations and legacies.

There are people in our community who for a variety of reasons are unable to cook or shop for themselves with ease. Their ability to live independently is enhanced by the Meals on Wheels service.

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