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Groundbreaking Ceremony

We recently held a ‘groundbreaking’ ceremony! The ceremony marks the first day of construction for our new development in Hilton.

The state-of-the-art meal production and administration facility will be located at 80-84 Sir Donald Bradman Drive in Hilton. This will replace the existing central office in Wayville and production kitchen in Kent Town.

Comprising a production kitchen, cold storage and meeting facilities downstairs and new head office upstairs – the building more than doubles Meals on Wheels’ cold storage, and increases capacity to provide choice and quality of meals. We will have a wider variety of frozen meals, with a focus on special dietary and texture-modified meals. It will also offer greater capacity to improve meal supply to regional branches. Around one-third of our meals will be produced at the new facility. Our 25 volunteer operated kitchens, and partnerships with regional hospitals, remain as the key food producers for the organisation, and all meals will continue to be delivered by volunteers.

The project is due to be completed May 2020.

Above: An artists rendition of the building at 80-84 Sir Donald Bradman Drive.

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