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Modbury celebrates one million meals

2020 has been a turbulent year, fraught with many challenges and an overwhelming sense of resilience among Meals on Wheels services. In December, as we prepare to farewell another year, Meals on Wheels’ Modbury branch celebrates more than just the festive season.

This year the Modbury branch reaches an incredible milestone of one million meals since its inception in 1974. This translates to one million deliveries of delicious, nourishing meals to vulnerable members of the Modbury community, one million doorbell rings to make sure the customer is safe and well and one million friendly chats, smiles and opportunities for social connection.

The milestone meal was delivered to 97-year-old customer, Nellie Meakins on Wednesday 23rd of December. Mrs Meakins not only receives Meals on Wheels every day to remain living independently in her home in Tea Tree Gully, but was also one of the inaugural volunteers of the Modbury branch, and continued to serve on the Committee for many years during the 70s. It was only fitting she receive the one-millionth meal!

Living alone, with a mobility frame and a sight impairment, Mrs Meakins says Meals on Wheels plays a crucial role in allowing her to keep living independently and well.

“It’s fantastic…it helps me 100 percent. I used to be a volunteer and I loved doing it but now I’m on the receiving end I realise how much it helps,” she says.

“The meals are absolutely delicious and the volunteers are so friendly.”

She also receives daily home care support through Calvary Care and is further assisted by her two sons, Colin and Rodney and her daughter, Rosalie.

Mrs Meakins says it’s a beautiful sentiment to be involved in this important milestone.

Mrs Meakin’s son Rodney describes the Meals on Wheels service as ‘amazing’ and says it provides him and his siblings with the peace of mind that his mum is being looked after.

“Before mum had Meals on Wheels she would get in the kitchen and try and cook. But then she became a Meals on Wheels customer and realised she didn’t have to worry about it too much,” Rodney explains.

“Meals on Wheels helps heaps. Mum is determined to stay home and look after herself so the volunteers coming around 5 days a week is a relief for us, because we know that at least someone is coming at lunchtime to give her a meal and check on her.”

“It’s built Mum’s confidence up and provided a bit of security of us.”

To commemorate the milestone, Mrs Meakins was presented with a Christmas Hamper and a posy of flowers by Meals on Wheels Modbury volunteers Jim McDonald, Stephanie Smith and Wayne Goldsworthy.

Congratulations to the past and present volunteers at the Modbury Branch for making this amazing milestone possible.

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