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My W.I.S.E. Choice

is a Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), offering a range of entry-level home support services that complement Meals on Wheels meal delivery service and help older people to live independently in their homes and communities.

You may be eligible for CHSP services if:

You are over 65 years of age or over 50 years if you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and you:

Using reablement and wellness approaches, “My W.I.S.E. Choice” aims to support people to be

“My W.I.S.E. Choice” services include

Trained volunteers can visit people in their own homes to provide regular social contact and a friendly, familiar face to our customers.

Opportunities to enjoy social interaction with others, share food and engage in meaningful, productive activities that can have positive benefits on overall health and wellbeing

Education and support either at home or in a group, to develop or re-learn cooking, food preparation meal planning and shopping skills

Therapy services in the home to help stay healthy, mobile, fit, nourished and independent


  • Services are available Monday to Friday
  • Participation is subject to eligibility (approved CHSP customers)
  • Services are subject to availability and vary across MoW branches
  • Services are flexible and can be tailored to each person’s individual goals and choices
  • An affordable competitively priced client contribution, is applicable
  • Social Programs – costs may vary
  • We can assist with linking people to affordable, local transport options or organise taxi services, at the persons’ own expense. If a person has approval for CHSP funded transport, please let us know.

“My W.I.S.E. Choice” does NOT provide transport in private cars or volunteers’ cars.

Short term assistance or ongoing solutions to help people complete daily living activities and achieve personal goals, particularly those relating to food preparation and meals
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Help make a difference in the lives of our customers To register to become a volunteer in the “My W.I.S.E. Choice” Program Click here We will then contact you regarding available volunteering opportunities

To make a referral to“MyW.I.S.E. Choice” Click here

Contact us:

Email  wise@mealsonwheelssa.org.au
Phone Free Call      1800 854 453

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