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Protecting the SA community

This year has been a challenging one, with extra precautions and procedures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while maintaining a continual delivery of service.

Meals on Wheels SA is committed to the health and safety of its customers and volunteers and understands the importance of a nourishing meal and wellbeing check, now more than ever.

In line with the South Australian Government’s COVID-19 Directions, all volunteers are required to wear a face mask during meal deliveries from Friday the 4th of December.

We are also asking our customers to leave a small table or chair outside their door, for deliverers to place their meal on.

If a customer cannot easily get to their door, one volunteer will enter their home, wearing their mask, and while maintaining 1.5m physical distancing, they will place the meal in the required location.

The social connection and wellbeing of our customers is important to us, so we will still perform our valuable social and wellbeing checks, just with some extra safety precautions.

Thanks to the South Australian Government, Meals on Wheels will also be distributing single-use masks to customers this week, to wear if a volunteer must enter their homes.

Chief Executive Officer Sharyn Broer says these extra precautions are necessary to keep the community safe.

“The situation is constantly changing and we are adapting to ensure the delivery of our nutritious meals and the vital wellbeing checks and social interaction our essential service provides, can continue.”

“Our volunteers are well-prepared and are committed to supporting our vulnerable customers and I am thankful for the way in which they are handling these new Government directions in their stride.”

“We are hopeful these precautions will help South Australia get on back on track in reducing COVID-19 in our community and soon we will be able to deliver our life-changing service as before.”

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