Enjoy driving?
We could do with you.

Enjoy Driving?

Every week a team of generous South Australians who like to drive, deliver delicious meals to people all over the State. 

If you like to drive and meet great people, start your engine and do some driving for us. It only takes a few hours a week. Obviously, you need a car and a current driver’s license. 

The good news is you’ll have fun and meet some wonderful people who’ll appreciate your visit as much as the delicious food you deliver. Running costs are reimbursed. 

Sign up or do a test drive now.

For this role:

  • A National police check is required. If you already have one that was conducted less than 2 years ago, we can accept a copy, if not we can run a check for you free of charge (and provide you with a copy for your personal use if you request it within the first 3 months of issue).
  • All of our volunteers need to have had 3 COVID vaccinations.
  • A current valid Driver’s Licence.
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