food daily
Food that’s
interesting dishes
Fresh and
A small celebration with
a real meal
Food that’s fabulous,
enticing, and exciting
A magic moment
in everyone’s day

The Highlight of Julie’s Week

I became a Volunteer after retiring from full time work nearly three years ago. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I find being a Volunteer gives me a great deal of pleasure. Meeting older residents who have many stories to tell of their past, listening to them when they feel down and sharing happy times or a joke with them are highlights of my week.

I have built a great rapport with most of the residents I visit, as in many cases, we are the only people they see each day. We provide a wellbeing check to ensure they are coping with their daily needs and eating a healthy meal at least once a day.

I enjoy being with people, and the individuals I have been involved with at Meals on Wheels are friendly and fun to be with. This makes me look forward to the following week, so I can do it all again. The friendly staff based at our branch are very informative and helpful
if ever you need to know anything. They do a great job at running our branch, from making soup to heating meals and checking to make sure meals are prepared for and delivered to the correct customer. This ensures all our customers are happy and enjoy the meals they have selected.

Without volunteers, wonderful organisations like Meals on Wheels and numerous others would not exist. So, if you want to join a worthwhile volunteering group, enquire at Meals on Wheels. You will meet strangers who will become friends and feel good knowing you are helping them be healthy, safe and happy as they grow older.

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