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interesting dishes
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A small celebration with
a real meal
Food that’s fabulous,
enticing, and exciting
A magic moment
in everyone’s day

Special Diets

Some people have special dietary needs for their daily meals. Meals on Wheels provide simple solutions to assist these special requirements, based on dietary or medical needs.

Examples of our special meals include; Texture Modified, Pureed, Low Potassium and Gluten Free meals.

Requests for the exclusion of some foods due to allergies and other issues, may also be accommodated, within reason.

Any request for a special meal should be accompanied by written confirmation from a doctor, dietician, allergist or speech pathologist in the case of texture modified meals.

For gluten free meals, your self referral is acceptable.

If you have special meal needs please discuss them with the Meals on Wheels representative when they visit you to start your service or in any follow up discussions.

If you have any changes due to a recently identified problem, then please call us.

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