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Student Volunteers

What is student volunteering?

Meals on Wheels offers a limited number of formal Student Volunteer placements as an opportunity for high school & tertiary students to experience work in one of our kitchen branches. Students who undertake a placement have the opportunity to not only help with the everyday workings of one of our kitchens, but to learn new skills in food preparation and the delivery of meals.

How does it benefit students?

Students can expect to experience a sense of achievement in helping out in their community. A placement in a Meals on Wheels kitchen will help students to gain skills and knowledge in the area of food preparation, food safety, team work and more.

How does it benefit MoWSA?

Student volunteer placements are an important way for Meals on Wheels SA to gain awareness amongst younger members of the community. It is a way we continue to grow by gaining new volunteers and clients.

How does it work?

Students and parents are encouraged to speak to their school, a student volunteer placement can only be arranged through a School Coordinator at a school that we have a working relationship with.

Work hours of students are the same as our regular volunteers: 7:30am—1:00pm or 9:00am – 1:00pm, these hours may vary depending on individual kitchens and branches.

Where to from here?

School Coordinators may contact our MoWSA Volunteer Administration Officer:
T: 8271 8700
E: info@mealsonwheelssa.org.au
M: PO Box 406, Unley, 5061.

A reminder that MoWSA does not have the resources to handle enquiries direct from students and or parents. If you have a query please contact your School’s Coordinator.

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