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Hindmarsh branch kitchen closed due to COVID-19 case

A Meals on Wheels SA staff member at the Hindmarsh branch kitchen has received a positive test result for COVID-19 and is currently in quarantine.

Meals on Wheels SA is working closely with SA Health to assist contact tracers in relation to the man who attended an exposure site on Saturday night.

Working in our Hindmarsh kitchen on Monday morning, our staff member had no direct customer contact. He informed us as soon as he had been notified that afternoon, following his shift, that he needed to get tested.

All volunteers and staff members working at the kitchen on Monday have been notified and directed to get urgently tested and quarantine as per the advice received from SA Health.

As a precaution, customers who received meals from the Hindmarsh branch on Monday are also being notified and asked to monitor for symptoms and get tested as soon as they develop.

The Hindmarsh kitchen is closed and will undertake a complete industrial clean in accordance with SA Health before re-opening.

In the meantime, alternative arrangements are being made to ensure customers of the Meals on Wheels Hindmarsh branch will continue to receive their meals in line with strict food and safety handling guidelines.

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